Our Company is an ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified company. We believe in the quality, which is important to the reputation and success of our company. We strive to provide superior quality and performance. Stringent checks are implemented and maintained at all levels of the manufacturing process. We have established several measures to constantly match international quality standards. By using modern equipment and latest technology, we supply the products at an attractive price with unmatched quality. Our goal is to supply the products to our customers in a flawless condition to gain their trust.

According to Customers drawing or Customers indication of Shaft size and the housing parent bore Dia/depth for Oil Seal, along with other specifications such as, RPM, operating Temperatures and Lubricant. The Seals could be with single Steel sheet shell, Double steel sheet shell, with single lip or with double lip, made from, Viton Silicon Nitrile Rubber, "depending upon application.

COMPLIANCE WITH NATIONAL STANDARDS Based on Autombile company practices also assistance taken from is 5125 and din standards for seals. Surface of the Oil Seal lips are well finished free from all manufacturing defects {e.g. Improper cure, Pin holes, Cut marks busters etc.) Which can affect the use fullness of the components. Special attention is given to the Spring and the Stiffner ring and is ensured these are free from harmful Flaws, Deformation and Rust.

TEST DETAILS Specific Gravity of Rubber: this is according to IS 2400 PT.9 values.

Shore hardness of Rubber : this is according to IS 3400 PT.2 values of hardness 70-80 deg, shore a.

Tensile strength and Elongation : to verify mechanical properties, 2 test slabs of size 150 x 150 x 2 ±0.2 mm are given to the customer for tests as per specification is 3400 pt.

Air Ageing of Rubber : it is according to IS 3400 PT.4, refer table 2 for test temperature and test duration values obtained

Resistance against oil : it is tested according to IS 3400 PT.6 refer table 2 for test temperature, test Oil the test duration values obtained

Compression set : To verify compression set, 2 buttons of size 29±0.5 mm Dia and 12.5 thickness are supplied to Customer for test Temperature and test duration. Values to obtain.

Lip opening Pressure of the Seal assembly is Guaged by means of an air occuring between the Seal lip and test Mandrel when air pressure is applied from the oil side of the seal the procedure is as follows :

The Seal case is mounted over the Mandrel in a Retainer Fixture and held concentric to Mandrel within 0.05mm. B. Air leakage around the OD and around the Mandrel is prevented by means of O. Rings or other suitable Gaskets
The test Mandrel is equivalent to the mean of the shaft diameter limits specified on Seal drawing/customer with a Mandrel diameter Tolerance of ±0.015 mm.
The test Mandrel has a surface roughness of 0.40UM or less.
The Seal is placed in the test fixture so that air pressure is applied to outside face of a single lip seal or between the lips of a double lip Seal with care being taken to ensure that an auxiliary lip does not Interfare with the reading.
The Seal lip opening is Guaged at a flow of 10,000 CC/min.
To minimize material relaxation effect, the air pressure is increased from zero at a uniform rate so that the lip opening pressure shall be reached within 3 to 6 sec.
Measurements are taken at room temperature above 16 DEG C. The Seal is exposed to room temperature for at least 1 hour before measurement.


Normal Oil Seals are tested on test rig for 600 hours at RPM 3000 temperature 100C. The cycle consists 20 hours of running on rig 4 hours of cooling till 600 hours are completed.



Other test results observed are :-

* No leakage across the seal.

* Seal lip free of cracks, wear mark and Shrinkage or Expansion

FRONT HUB OIL SEALS : We make adopter for Seal, confirming to parent bore of Customer given Hub size and Shaft as per Customer's stub axle design and mount these on the front hub seal test rig and tests are carried out.


Lubricants used for testing - Oil (grease for rear hub only)

Durations : 16 hour run followed by 8 hour rest till 600 hour.

Rig used : Oil Seals test rig. Running in rig .

Test speed (RPM) : 3000 for transmission and other than wheel bearing.

Oil temp : 90 - 100°c.

3) Oil seals for Tranmission aggregate : (gear box transfer case, rear axle including front live axle) are tested for 600 hours.
4) Oil seal for engine : Oil Seals are tested on rig for performance and life no leakage is accepted during the entire 600 hour run at engine operating contions. At the end of the test lip opening pressure is not accepted when less than 10% of initial value. The lip should be free of cracks & leakage after all the tests
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